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Working with Sutton

A Comprehensive Preventative Approach to Social Care and Health

We perform very well in both adult’s and children’s social care and we are determined to be even better. We are committed to innovation in all of our services and social care and health services have a wealth of innovation in delivery.  We have recently launched Sutton Health and Care, our integrated alliance with local health organisations that will put into practice our ambition and vision that people in our community live well at home for as long as possible.

A safe borough

Sutton is the third safest borough in London and crime is lower than it has been for a decade. Young people are particularly concerned about crime and safety and the People Services Directorate will contribute to this priority.

High achieving schools

The Borough is renowned for its high achieving schools with the latest league tables showing our pupils’ achievements at GCSE as one of the best in the country. Developing a  comprehensive partnership with schools and other education providers in the Borough to ensure every single child in Sutton gets the best start of life will be on top of your in-tray.

Vibrant business sector

The Borough is enterprising and commercially active with more than 6,600 businesses. In 2011, 13.2% new businesses started up in Sutton compared to the previous year.Growing our economy and building opportunity for every resident makes good business sense and all of the Senior Leadership Team contribute to this ambition.

Good transport links

Sutton’s south London location positions it perfectly for transport in and out of London and internationally. There are direct rail links into the capital and on to Europe, with fast trains to both Victoria and London Bridge. Gatwick airport is just 15 miles away.

Village feel

Sutton is famous for its small district centres, many of them retaining a ‘village’ atmosphere not seen in central London.

Outstanding green spaces

The Borough is also known for its outstanding green spaces. Sutton boasts 1,500 acres of open space and the largest regional park outside of London, and is a leader in environmental performance. A recent MORI survey revealed that 75% of our residents regularly use Sutton’s parks, with 89% expressing satisfaction with them.

Skilled workforce

Sutton has a skilled workforce with almost one third of employees with a degree level qualification or higher.


Much of Sutton is already equipped to connect with national and international markets with super-fast broadband capacity.

High quality housing

Sutton has plenty of high-quality housing, relatively affordable by London standards (average price £244,620 in Feb 2012). Over 84% of Sutton housing is owner-occupied or private rented, higher than the rest of South London and London as a whole.

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