Executive Recruitment

Our Vision

We know our borough is attractive so we can court investment confidently. Growth is essential for Sutton, but that growth must be sustainable and be shared across the borough among all of our residents.

Our commitment, outlined through the One Planet Living Action Plan, is to use our resources responsibly. To create sustainable growth and strengthen our core values of making a place that is fairer, cleaner, greener and safer, we aim to become the London Leader in One Planet Living.

The drivers behind the launch of Opportunity Sutton:

  • Nationally a continuing economic decline
  • Rising unemployment
  • The need to compete with other London boroughs to attract investment
  • The need to secure economic growth and jobs
  • Sutton historically had never actively promoted the borough or its assets
  • New Powers and Freedoms became available to boroughs
  • New financial flexibilities introduced to support Economic Development
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