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There is much for Sutton to be proud of both as a council and as a borough. This includes high levels of resident satisfaction, our approach to addressing of the Council’s  financial challenges to date, the involvement and engagement of residents in key issues facing the borough and the enthusiastic,  motivated, passionate staff who work for the Council. Looking ahead, we are delivering plans for new homes,  new schools and the London Cancer Hub. The council is also seen as a driving force within the South London Partnership of five south west London boroughs focused on strategic growth, regeneration and investment. Our OFSTED inspection of children services resulted in a judgment of “Good” and we have a comprehensive transformation plan for both children and adult services which we are well on our way with implementation. Improving our SEND services with partners is a key priority.

All of this demonstrates a good track record and a Council that is ambitious and wants things to get even better. Our  recent Peer Review set out our challenge as being how much better the organisation wants to get and how quickly. We very much see the council as being at a crossroads – with a choice to make between ‘continual improvement’ or ‘step change’ and between being ‘increasingly good’ or becoming ‘great’. Becoming ‘great’ entails moving from being the ‘managers of a council’ to ‘place leaders’ and, in doing so, puts an emphasis on the council utilising its democratic mandate to secure the best possible outcomes for the people of Sutton.

This approach is encapsulated in our Sutton Plan, which is our whole of public sector reform programme.

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